Top 8 Reasons NOT to Visit Martha’s Vineyard


It’s true, there are reasons that people avoid this incredible island. You ready?

8. Bumping into Jake Gyllenhal and David Letterman while you’re buying fresh peas at the Farmer’s Market in West Tisbury gets really old after awhile.

7. The ocean isn’t always blue, sometimes it’s this majestic shade of green.

6. You have to cross the ocean to get here, forcing you to really let go of life on the mainland.

5. The peace and quiet are deafening.

4. Vineyard locals and our commitment to living local, small family farms, protecting our environment and maintaining a close-knit community of nice people has a tendency to be contagious to visitors.

3. There’s more to do than just go to the beach. The Ag Fair, boutique shopping, summer camps and festivals have a habit of distracting people from their sunbathing.

2. Most of the island restaurants feature fresh caught fish and shellfish, not to mention island-grown veggies, so it’s nearly impossible to be unhealthy here.

And the number 1 reason NOT to visit Martha’s Vineyard…

1. You’ll never want to leave.

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