April Stands for Osprey on Martha’s Vineyard


Spring, April and the Ospreys are just around the corner – and we’re ready for them. Every year at this time, Felix Neck Sanctuary holds the Osprey Festival. Besides a craft tent, guided walks, live raptor demonstrations and live music, the main stage is really held by the Osprey. Everything at the festival is pointed towards learning about this incredible bird.

The Osprey, also known as the sea hawk, is a bird of prey or raptor. It’s quite large reaching 24 inches in length with a 6 foot wingspan! It’s also quite recognizable with a brown and white feathers patterned on its body and yellow eyes; most distinctive are its black eye patch and wings.


The Osprey loves the Vineyard because its diet consists of fish, fish and more fish. They are expert hunters and have the beaks and talons to prove it – they’re sharp, dangerous and adept at capturing, killing and eating their prey.


The Festival will be on April 4th, Saturday and starts at 11 am at Felix Neck.

These incredible photos came to me courtesy of Vineyard Photographer and Avian Artist, Lanny McDowell.

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  1. Thanks Janine! We love this festival. The kids have a blast and it is so exciting to see the first signs of Spring. It is a short season for us as the water stays cold around us and then all of the sudden it is summer!

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